7 Little Words Answers May 14 2022

7 Little Words May 14 2022 Answers.
In article we included the daily answers of 7 Little Words. Besides the main puzzle for May 14 2022, we also included the bonus puzzles. Check all 7 Little Words puzzles that we solved today starting with the puzzle:

Primary Puzzle

Rich Brown Shade : MOCHA
They Live With Less : MINIMALISTS
Sticks (to) : AFFIXES
One Who’s Hiding Something : OBSCURER
“lower Digits” : TOES
Unfair Financial Practice : REDLINING
Brief Explanations : GLOSSES

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1

A Danger To Swimmers : UNDERTOW
Angela Lansbury Musical : MAME
Sharp To The Taste : TART
Control Over A Debate : MODERATION
Iconic Adventurer Indiana : JONES
Like A Fly Ball’s Path : ARCED
Gave Lie Detector Test To : POLYGRAPHED

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2

Moral Decay : DECADENCE
Fastened To A Restraint : TETHERED
Make More Volatile : DESTABILIZE
Felt Sick : AILED
Finishes Off : KILLS
According To Rumors : REPUTEDLY
Kings And Queens, E.g. : CHESSPIECES

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3

Cud Chewer : RUMINANT
First And Foremost : PRIMARILY
“big Shots” : CANNONBALLS
Wheel Center Cover : HUBCAP
Used A Hooked Needle : CROCHETED
Having The Deed To : OWNING
Actor McCormack : ERIC

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4

Behind In Points : LOSING
Newly Coined Word : NEOLOGISM
Part Of A Computer : PROCESSOR
Like Some Celebrity Rises : METEORIC
4 Time Super Bowl Winner : NOLL
Salad Bar Dressing Option : BALSAMIC

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