7 Little Words Answers May 13 2022

7 Little Words May 13 2022 Answers.
In article we included the daily answers of 7 Little Words. Besides the main puzzle for May 13 2022, we also included the bonus puzzles. Check all 7 Little Words puzzles that we solved today starting with the puzzle:

Primary Puzzle

Ancient Greek Mathematician : ARCHIMEDES
Surrenders A Game : FORFEITS
Firmly Rooted : ENTRENCHED
Patch Things Up : REUNIFY
Marine People Movers : FERRIES
Resident Of Texas’ Capital : AUSTINITE
Pull A Fast One On : SWINDLE

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1

Deserted Shipwreck : HULK
Dot Dot Dot : ELLIPSIS
Prominence : SPOTLIGHT
“yes” And “okay” : ASSENTS
Not Set Apart For Someone : UNRESERVED
Lip Balm Brand : BLISTEX

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2

Picket Line Crosser : SCAB
Cause To Limp : HOBBLE
Swimming Method : BACKSTROKE
Roaring Engine’s Sound : VROOM
Squarish : BOXY
Group Of Seven Musicians : SEPTETTE
Empire State School, Briefly : SUNY

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3

Show Signs Of Stress : FRAZZLE
Paper Units : REAMS
Done Without Thinking : REFLEXIVE
Gray And Powdery : ASHY
Causing Pain : AFFLICTING
Didn’t Pass : FLUNKED

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4

Central Part Of A Flower : PISTIL
Speak Very Clearly : ENUNCIATE
Fixed Indelibly : IMPRINTED
Doesn’t Rent : OWNS
Separate Into Thin Layers : DELAMINATE
Landlord : LESSOR
Hair-dressed To A “T” : COIFFED

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