7 Little Words Answers May 10 2022

7 Little Words May 10 2022 Answers.
In article we included the daily answers of 7 Little Words. Besides the main puzzle for May 10 2022, we also included the bonus puzzles. Check all 7 Little Words puzzles that we solved today starting with the puzzle:

Primary Puzzle

Bran Cereal Inclusions : RAISINS
People Pitching Products : ADVERTISERS
Central Asian Tent : YURT
Joke Teller : COMEDIAN
Like The Stuff Of Epic Tales : LEGENDARY
Tune Out : IGNORE

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 1

Croquet Hoops : WICKETS
Where Mascara Is Applied : EYELASHES
Series Of Computing Steps : ALGORITHM
Stage A Past Event : REENACT
Violating, As The Law : BREAKING
At Least Six Feet : YARDS
Conceived, As A Picture : IMAGED

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 2

Chanel Of Fashion : COCO
In A Compassionate Manner : HUMANELY
Tampa Bay Baseballers : RAYS
Declared Invalid : ANNULLED
Male Laborer : WORKMAN
Hearing Aid Interference : CROSSTALK
Subject To Reimbursement : REPAYABLE

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 3

Not Abstract : CONCRETE
Take Away : REMOVE
Not Widely Accepted : DISPUTED
“Gettysburg Address” Word : FOREFATHERS
Gradually Diminished : WANED
Great Lakes Mnemonic : HOMES

7 Little Words Bonus Puzzle 4

Australian Capital : CANBERRA
Cause Of A Runner’s High : ENDORPHINS
Foreign Material : CONTAMINANT
Egret Or Heron : WADER
Area Near A Ship’s Front : FOREDECK
British Baby Carrier : PRAM
Act Of Watching : OBSERVATION

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